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Knocking Down the Silos

I have been thinking about how important it is to break barriers when talking about many  things.  Today I am stuck on breaking barriers to accessing services that folks need to get help with all kinds of economic as well as socio-emotional needs.  And in my thought processes, I have been considering that the issue is not only one’s fear or reticence to share their struggles (the client that is), but the barriers put up by the providers of services.  And in sorting through this, I am not thinking about client discrimination, but rather about how the various entities that provide services are seemingly unwilling to share with one another their specialties and their availability and yes even…resources for funding!  We tend to build and reside in professional silos and seemingly are unwilling to share resources and expertise. No one practitioner, nor one ingle organization can provide services for all of those folks in our community who are struggling.  It is imperative, and in my opinion, the kind thing to do, to share information amongst all service providers so that folks can get the help they need and seek.

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