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Foster Care Month

It is National Foster Care Month and the theme is Engaging Youth. Building Supports. And as I thought about the theme, I wanted to write about Indiana Co-Care which to me personifies this theme. The “vehicle” of Indiana Co-Care is driven by the belief that children and youth benefit from their bio parents and their foster parents (resource parents) working together in support of the children and youth. And guess what; what better way to engage foster kids than having them know that the most important adults in their lives can actually talk to one another about them? The “parents” can celebrate the kids successes and present a united front to problem solve school issues such as bullying issues, identity issues, daily living issues while the kids are in care. AND can even maintain relationships after foster care if that is something the kids might desire, or the parents; and that contines to maintain and “builds supports”. It can, and does, cut through the layers of bureaucracy and puts more focus on the “parents” communicating, sharing information and showing respect toward one another. All of which goes toward the benefit of the child.

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