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Addendum to Trauma-Informed/Responsive Classroom

An addendum to my blog post yesterday about trauma sensitive classrooms. This is based on a form that is presented in the workbook: “The Trauma Informed School”, by Heather Forbes and Jim Sporleder. Jim Sporleder was the principal in the school in Walla, Walla Washington that isfeatured in the documentary, Paper Tigers.
The form is for use with students of concern to school personnel and lists 37 different issues to look for and range from academic struggles, depression or extreme sadness, friendship issues, overreaction to witnessing an “incident. And at the top is a place for “urgency”: low, medium, high. So when thinking about using such a form…think of how very helpful it would be to have a school committee made up of a teacher/s, administrator, school social worker, and yes even a resource officer.

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