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How to Recognize A Trauma-Informed Organization

I am blogging on a new platform; well, new to me.   Our very own website for the Institute for Community and Family Resilience.   And since we bill ourselves as a trauma-informed/trauma responsive organization, I thought I should explain exactly what that means in this context:
  1. A trauma informed organization realizes the widespread impact of trauma and understands the potential paths for recovery.
  2. Responds by fully integrating knowledge about trauma into policies, procedures and practices.
  3. Recognizes the signs and symptoms of trauma in staff, families, clients and others involved with the various systems in the community.
  4. Resists re-traumatizing staff and consumers.
  5. Resilience has to do with recovery.Resiliency supports and develops the capacity of staff and consumer to recover post trauma and regain and/or exceed in navigating their daily functioning and goal attainment.
Our postings will cover different aspects of trauma including the trauma experienced by children who are fostered and adopted.  So we will include trauma-responsive parenting ideas.

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